This facility was partially funded by an
NSF MRI grant (CHE-0420874) to Florida International University.

Driven by the FIU and IFRI research mission, the TEAF plays a key role in assisting faculty and students to conduct relevant research with state of the art instrumentation.
The TEAF also provides technical expertise, training and services to the forensic science and more general analytical sciences communities.

Some of the research projects conducted at the TEAF under the direction of Professor Almirall are focused on the development and application of analytical chemistry tools to enhance the value of scientific evidence in forensic science.

Analysis of solid
matrices by LIBS

Analysis of biological
matrices by HR ICPMS.

Projects include the development of tools to characterize materials such as glass, paints and coatings, biological matrices, soils and others by the trace elemental content. LA-ICP-MS, LA-HR-ICP-MS, SEM, XRF and LIBS are used to analyze a variety of matrices of interest to forensic scientists.

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Dr. Almirall's research group, May 2007


The group currently collaborates with the following research groups:

Professor Yong Cai, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, FIU

Professor Piero Gardinali, Ph.D., Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, FIU

Professor Rosemary Hickey-Vargas, Ph.D.,Geology Department, FIU

Professor and Associate Dean, Kenneth Furton, Ph.D., Arts and Sciences, FIU

Scott Ryland, Senior Microanalyst, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement

Richard Russo, Ph.D, Environmental Energy Technologies Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley

Professor Jurian Hoogewerff, Ph.D, Centre for Forensic Provenancing, School of Chemistry & Pharmacy, University of East Anglia

NITE-CRIME Network: Natural Isotopes and Trace Elements in Criminalistics and Environmental Forensics.

  Trace Evidence Analysis Facility, Florida International University.
11200 SW 8th Street, OE 109. University Park, Miami, FL 33199