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SEM Images

Tailored Workshops

Analysis of fire debris by GCMS

Ablation lines on filter at different settings

Crime scene investigation course Quito, Ecuador

Analysis of fire debris

Crater morphology and particle size distribution on plant pellets

Crime scene investigation course

Analysis on glass samples

Crater morphology on polymer

Crime scene investigation workshop, Quito, Ecuador

Fiber sample

Laser ablation crater on bone

Fire debris evidence workshop, Miami 2005

Forensic comparison of paints

Laser crater on graphite standard for LIBS

Trace evidence course
Dominican Republic-Miami
Line ablation on glass type filter

Trace Evidence Workshop,
Miami 2004
Particle size distribution on sediment standard

Trace Evidence Workshop,
Miami 2004
Thickness and surface imaging of PDMS polymer

Forensic analysis of fiber workshop, Miami 2005
SEM of ablation on plastic filter
  Trace Evidence Analysis Facility, Florida International University.
11200 SW 8th Street, OE 109. University Park, Miami, FL 33199