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The Trace Evidence Analysis Facility (TEAF) is a recharge facility under the direction of Professor Almirall in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the International Forensic Research Institute. The facility contains instrumentation that can be used for research, education and service and is available for a fee to the university community and, in some cases, may be available to the scientific community outside the university.


Element 2 ICP-MS

The instrumentation in the facility includes an Elan DRC+ quadrupole ICP-MS, a Thermo Element 2 magnetic sector high resolution ICP-MS, several automated liquid sample introduction systems, a CETAC 500+ 266 nm laser ablation system and a NewWave Research 213 nm laser ablation system. The facility also contains a Philips XL30 Scanning Electron Microscope with an EDAX detector, low and high vacuum capabilities and a gold sputtering coating system. Activities in the facility include research support for faculty and students, laboratory instruction, workshop support and caseworkanalyses.

The facility is managed by Tatiana Trejos, a full-time staff scientist with expertise in elemental analysis of materials including the forensic analysis of glass, fiber and paint evidence.

The TEAF advisory board consists of Professor Ken Furton, Professor Yong Cai, Tatiana Trejos (Facility Manager) and Professor Jose Almirall (Facility Director).


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